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About Us

ZHUZH Hair Co. consists of four hair stylists, all sharing the same passion to create gorgeous hair. We aim to help you achieve your hair goals whilst guiding you through the relevant aftercare and services needed along the way. We work with Redken colour and styling products, Color WOW and Remi Cachet for our extension services to deliver the very best standard to our clients.

Our Style of Work 

Across all stylists here we share a very similar colouring style. Lived in colour is one of our favourite styles of work as its the gift that keeps on giving. Aware that clients aren't wanting to be in the chair as often anymore and to spread the cost of appointments, we adapt our colouring techniques to match this. 


Lived in Colour

Giving Balayage a new label, it's a technique that is so adaptable to each and every client and has changed an awful lot since it first arose. We are now able to use different foil placements paired with different colouring techniques to give our clients a bespoke look. We tend to see our clients every 6 months for the ULTIMATE ZHUZH UP, in-between we keep topped up with smaller appointments like Root melts, Glossing, Face framing. Whatever you and your hair require we will deliver. 

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